Monday, April 30, 2012

Field Tripping

Hi, all!
Things have been busy around here. Friday was the much anticipated kindergarten field trip toooooo.....


I chaperoned my daughter's class. It reminded me why I was a middle school teacher and not an elementary school teacher. God bless 'em. That takes a special kind of person. I'll take smart mouth 13 year olds over 5 year old mania. I'm admittedly insane though.

I did have to bust out the teacher voice a couple times on the bus trip home and separate some kids but overall they did a great job, especially considering how long and hot the day was. My survival was due in large part to having my friend Gabby along as co-chaperone extraordinaire. (Wanna see a cool and crafty blog? This woman can turn trash into treasure and is super artistic and funny! Check her out!)

Legoland also satisfied my uber-geekiness and former history teacher self. 

Star Wars nerds, unite!

Star Wars characters AND they're made out of legos? Awesome levels of geekery here. 

Washington, D.C./The National Mall in Mini-Land

They also had Vegas, NYC, Miami, and the Kennedy Space Center, complete with shuttle launch countdown and effects. We will definitely be going back as a family. It was great for kids of all ages. 

The highlight of the day at the park had to be riding one of the coasters with five of the kids who were screeching about how AWESOME it was, much to the amusement and deafening of other park-goers. 
The highlight of the day overall was coming home and having a beer. :)

In stitchery news, I'm love, love, loving the Medieval Town Mandala. The vines around the arches and one level of the metallic border is now completed. I need to get moving on it though. Once the Paris Mandala arrives this week from Nikki, AK (the awesome aunt we're stitching this for) will have the whip out! :) 

Trust me, the camera quality is poor because the colors are amaaaaaazinnngggg.

May the stitching force be with you,


P.S. Yes, I know how nerdy that was. I just don't care! 


  1. Yeyah! Thanks for the shout-out! Glad that we were both able to go and enjoy the extreme Florida heat!

  2. Personally, I'm an uber-fan of the all the geek. But that may be because I'm a geek too. Next time we're in town, no one is allowed to barf, and I want to go to LegoLand! How fun?!

    In terms of stitchery, since I know nothing about it, I can only gush and ignorantly say, "WOW!" and "Fantabulous!" because it looks so beautiful. Y'all are doing spectacular work and obviously love AK best...

  3. Pray...continue to gush...
    And I will be putting everyone in a bubble before the next time you come! And possibly having everyone gargle with bleach.

  4. Greetings from Billings!!!! Legoland looks super...I want to go (in cool weather!!). MTM looks awesome!!!!
    AndI promise not to get the whip it there yet???? xoxoxoxAK