Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The StitchySisters Lexicon

Hi! This is Lauren, the Florida half of this dynamic duo. (This is what we like to consider ourselves, much to our glee and others' chagrin.)

I feel it is important to share a partial StitchySisters lexicon...terms you will inevitably see in our blogging.

Please to be keeping in mind that we grew up in the 80s and 90s...

Awesome! (And variations on awesome such as awesomesauce!)
Bloody! (Because we love the Brits!)
Douche______: i.e - douchebaggery, douchecanoe, etc.
Dude! (It's a staple.)
Epic! (Often combined with Awesomeness....see further information later in this post.)
Just sayin' (It's usually a succinct summation.)
Oh, damn! (It's such a favorite that Nikki, in her awesomeness, stitched it for me on a hanging pillow.)
Please to be... (Because it amuses us.)
Schmidt! (Rhymes with...)
Sweet! (Yup. I know.)
Whore! (Not necessarily derogatory, often a term of endearment.)

These are the socially acceptable terms we will likely use. There are many unacceptable ones that we also like. We will save those for our texts.  

More about our epic awesomeness...

We are in the process of creating ginormous cross-stitched pieces for loved ones. We have been commissioned, so to speak...we do not take payment from them...in this lifetime...please to be continuing reading...
Those of you in the world o' stitchery can appreciate the pieces we are doing and will understand what a task we have undertaken:

For my Parents: London (Thea Gouverneur)

For my Mother-in-Law/Nikki's Mother: ....?...(We're working on her...she thinks we're nuts...we've never denied it...just sayin'.)

These are huge undertakings that we share. Nikki does a section, mails it to me, I do a section, mail it back, etc. We are sooooo not altruistic in this. We are silk whores. That's right. Whores. (See, that lexicon came in handy, didn't it?) These pieces are stitched with a great deal of silk and shiny metallics and beads and pretty, pretty, pretties! We cannot afford to purchase all of these kits/silks. Therefore, we pimp ourselves out to family members who:
a.) Can appreciate the time and effort we will put into these pieces. We are awesomesauce, but it is hella lotta work.
b.) We will end up receiving these pieces back from upon their demise, unless something goes horribly, terribly wrong in these relationships. (We doubt it.)

So you see, we are selfish whores. We admit it. We're okay with it. And our families benefit from it. It's a win-win.

So, who doesn't qualify for an epically awesome piece stitched by us? 

My sister (Who is totally awesome but does not care for cross-stitchery...I love her anyway.)
Clowns (They are just scary.)

But we hope you enjoy watching our works in progress develop! 


  1. Do I get extra credit for using one of the approved phrases in my comment BEFORE reading said list? I think I should...

    And where are the recipes? What's a blog without recipes? And vampires? And smuttiness?

  2. You get a gold star!!! We are eagerly anticipating your blog with said vampires and smuttiness! ;)