Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Update

Mr. Potroast (my husband-maybe one day I'll tell THAT story) and I are going on 13 years of marriage next month. I fully believe there is no one else out there that would put up with him, and no one else out there that would put up with me. Which is why. we. work. But...enough of the mushy stuff.

If you're familiar with the t.v show 'Everybody Loves Raymond', then you're familiar with my marriage. We're Ray and Debra in a lot of ways. I don't incessantly wear sweater/cardigan combos, and I would probably be the worst PTA/room mom EVER, but in a lot of other ways...yeah, that's us.

Yesterday morning we had a 'moment'. It was a lot like this:

But instead of a suitcase imagine it was us mopping the kitchen floor due to Old Dog's overnight mess (that I had already cleaned TWICE, I might add).  Oh, another way we're not like Ray and Debra-there is no way Mr. Potroast could drag me up the stairs like that-That woman is TINY!

No fear though-the floor got cleaned, and has been cleaned twice more since then.  I'd say I have the cleanest kitchen floor in the history of ever, except I see what goes on it on a nightly basis and a blowtorch full of bleach couldn't get me to make that claim.

Stitchy update:

Finished my second biscornu! Yay! Forgot what a bitch it is to stitch together those last few sides. Wanted to throw the damn thing across the room a few times. But, it's done. Not very springy, much more V-day, but I really like the Rhodes stitches and the beads I added.

I'm really liking my mini collection of biscornu (or is it biscorni?)

Have a great rest of the weekend, and maybe there will be a food post next time (psst-bug Lauren for her guac recipe!)

Peace out!!

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