Friday, April 6, 2012

Hoppy Weekend!

Firstly, may I say how much Nikki and I are enjoying the blog love we are receiving. May I also say how much geeky fun we're having checking our stats and seeing where around the world people are who check out this blog? We're like Jerry Lewis in Russia! That may be a slight exaggeration...

So happy Easter weekend! Or if you do not celebrate Easter, happy really awesome sales on chocolate time! Or if you don't eat chocolate....well...I really don't have anything to say to you.

We have an exciting weekend on deck. My husband, who shall henceforth be referred to as Mr. Mathlete (because it preserves his anonymity and gives me a giggle at the same time) is lucky to work with some pretty spectacular people. We have grown close to one in particular, as well as his awesomesauce wife and cutie pie kid. He and his wife's fantastical families kind of adopted us when we first moved down here. We have joined them all for every Easter since we moved, with one exception. So this morning, in anticipation of making an apple pie to take, I decided to make homemade crust. I love, love, love to cook and bake, but from scratch pie crust has always been intimidating to me. My parents, in their infinite wisdom, gave me a great food processor for Christmas two years ago. SOOO......


I share this so that you may worship at my feet. Obviously. ( is the food post you requested...)

In the realm of stitchery, I have been working on London. Would you like to see the progress? Hahaha, silly question. What could possibly be more important to you at this very moment?

Can you see the progress? No? ME EITHER! That's the problem with this piece. I know I put more hours into it and can barely tell. (But if I'm being totally honest, London is growing on me.) Also, once London is finished, I will never stitch something with a bajillion shades of taupe again. I miss color. Sigh.

First world problems are tough. (No need to roll your eyes. I'm rolling them at myself.)

: )

Have a great weekend!

- Lauren


  1. I spent all day yesterday making London Brown Sauce. It took forever, and it seemed, for much of the time, that I wasn't progressing. Bu suddenly? Delicious brownness! Maybe your stitching is like that? (Next time, I'll have to subtly find a way to incorporate vampires and smut, in addition to food... Only then will I be awesomeness...)

  2. Truly amazeballs. I can hear you saying this as I read, which makes it even better (in a not creepy way).

  3. I totally condone the food posts and Nicki's nature posts...notice I did not mention the needle and thread crafts, however I appreciate your unique "art" talent and hope that once London, Paris, and whatever else is complete that you and Nikki will take one of those awkward family photos that I can sell off to Hallmark for them to create into a nice greeting card for menopause or possibly a get well soon card for a hip replacement. However, in all seriousness very well done ladies! Love you big sister!

  4. I JUST worked on that same section of London for a friend, and I swear I had 20 hours into it before you could see ANYTHING! Who knew there were THAT many shades of off-white? I DID get that whole dome done - it is lots better when you get to the blues :)

    Glad I found your blog through the Chatelaine board - can't wait to see & read more :)

  5. Thank you, Karen! I'm so glad to know it's not just me! I'm definitely heading north toward the blues!

    Thanks for checking us out! Best stitches! See you around here and the Chatelaine yuku boards!