Friday, April 6, 2012

Two little birdies, sitting on a lamp post

Stitchy update:

I'm supposed to be packing or something so I can head to the 'rents tomorrow morning. This of course means I will toss the final load of laundry in the dryer when I wake up and dash around the house like someone possessed for two hours before throwing three kids and two dogs in the car and most likely forgetting the dog food and mayhaps some other important things. It happens.

Lauren would have been packed on Tuesday.

So, since I'm not packing, I was stitching!

Worked on my biscornu a bit this morning, I like the piece but it's not as springy as I wanted, screams Valentine's Day to me, but I like it. Really liking the Rhodes stitches. Think I'm going to add some beads to this one.

Gave Paris some attention this afternoon. Finished the backstitch on the scrolls and did the second bird. 

Fancy Ham is on my agenda for the weekend and maybe if I get some packing done tonight I'll make scones in the morning and take some pics to share.

Peace out!


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  1. Well? Were there scones? The suspense is killing me!