Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Breaking the seal

Let's get this introductory stuff out of the way so that we never have to do this again. 
This blog will be co-written, co-run, co-occupied by myself (Nikki-Hi!) and my most favoritest sister in law Lauren. She married my little brother. Still not quite sure why as it seems that her and I were separated at birth, but I won't question (this).  

We're stay at home moms to five total, ranging from 21 months to 11 years. I've got three, she's got 2, we both spend each day trying to keep the little people alive, the house from completely falling apart, and us from totally losing our collective schmidt. 

When we're not doing the above (because clearly that's not enough!), we stitch, we read, we obsessively watch excellent British TV and movies, talk, text, and chat the majority of the day and most importantly, plan our retirement. 

We plan on blogging about our kids, our animals, our stitching (more to come on that), and any other random things that strike our fancy. 


Nikki and Lauren

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