Joint WIPs

Joint Works in Progress currently include: 

Medieval Town Mandala (Chatelaine Designs), Gardens of Paris Mandala - 84 (Chatelaine Designs), Butterfly Elegance Mandala (Chatelaine Designs), Three Things Sampler (Moira Blackburn), and London (Thea Gouverneur).

We will be featuring Medieval Town Mandala and the Three Things Sampler here. The others have their own tabs on the homepage.

MTM-Center mostly completed, waiting on one treasure braid.

MTM-Center complete and half the flower boxes-sent on to Lauren .

MTM - As of April 9, 2012

MTM - As of April 26, 2012

MTM - As of June 3, 2012

Three Things Sampler (Moira Blackburn)

Three Things Sampler: 60 hours-sent on to Lauren

Three Things Sampler as of 4/22/2012.
72 hours total so far...tag, Nikki's it!

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