Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mea Culpa

Please to be forgiving! We're finally getting back to normal around these parts. Miss A (the little one) came down with some sort of virus last week. You know the drill...catching the puke, 2a.m temp checks, three year old attached to you like a barnacle...In other words, good times. 

At the end of that fun, it was Mr. Potroast's 40th birthday, so there were some festivities planned. Japanese hibachi and 'Cabin in the Woods' (SOOOOOO good, seriously, go see it). Oh, and there was ice cream cake, and he got a new bike. I swear he turned 40, not 10, but sometimes it's good to clarify these things.

Due to all the above stitching has been non-existent until yesterday. BUT, Paris and I have become reacquainted, oh yes, we have.

9 o'clock diamond

Left flower corner

My half of part 1!!!

More pictures under the Paris tab. The plan is to be done with my half of part one by the end of the week. I believe this is doable, barring any child related drama.




  1. OMG -- How the heck did you get ALL that done???? Simply beautiful stitching!!!! Now I want to fondle that, too!!!!!

  2. Wow - so many fine details in such a small space - nice work! At my house, when the kids were small, HE did puke, I did poop. Well, I guess that's still true, now that we have these idiotic dogs; the boys are old enough to deal with their own stuff :)