Saturday, May 5, 2012

When you gotta go...

Potty training. Sigh.

It wasn't this hard the last two times. I swear it wasn't.  This kid is going to be the end of me, good thing she's the youngest.

We introduced the training potty when she was a little over 2.5. She seemed like she was very excited about it, but in reality, could not care less.

Fast forward about six months. She's 3. It has to happen now. It just has to. I'm done cleaning butts. Done.

Start potty training in earnest.  Everything you read/see/watch PROMISES this should be no more than a two week process, and if I see one more 'Train your kid in ONE DAY' pins on pinterest I'm going to punch someone in the neck.

You see, these guides have not met my child. Stubborn is only one aspect of this little darling. She is also tenacious. And spiteful. And tenaciously spiteful. Soooooooo tenaciously Spiteful.  I called her 'Tenacious A' when she was little, and maybe that should just be her moniker on here.  This kid has also never tried anything out first, or gradually worked her way up, she will just go from not doing it to doing it.  It's been like this with everything. Sitting, crawling, walking, sippy cups, saying her sister's name, etc. She didn't do it until SHE was ready and then she just did it. She never cruised the furniture or took a toddling step or two before dropping back down to crawl. No, she just stood up one day and walked her happy little butt all over the house like she'd been doing it forever!

Based on this I fully expected potty training to be the same. I just assumed that one day I would turn around and she'd come out of the bathroom after having wiped/flushed/washed up and just look at me with that 'What? It's not exactly difficult.' look on her face and that would be that.

If that scenario is going to happen, I'm still waiting.  To be fair I wasn't exactly 100% consistent in the early days. We'd try a little bit in the morning and then maybe go a day or two with out. But about three weeks ago I decided enough was enough and this was going to happen whether she liked it or not.

"How's that working out for you?" you might ask.

Ummmm, IT'S NOT!

Consistency was also apparently not the key.  Kid has a bladder of steel when she wants to (clearly did not get this from her father) and also does not care about getting wet. So all of the ways of making this unpleasant for them so they decided that it's just better to go in the potty. HA! She laughs at that.

We've had some minor successes this week that I'm hoping were not a fluke, but I'm pretty sure she's just messing with me. I know she's not going to go to Kindergarten in pull-ups (despite what some may say), but I would like her to go to pre-school in the fall and for that she needs to be freaking potty trained!!!

Because this is what it usually devolves to...

And when the underpants end up on the head it's best just to walk away. Life lesson folks, take note.

So....enough of that.

On the stitching front I have received London and the Sampler from Lauren.  Did 5 hours on London and...this will take forever. Sampler, as always, is a welcome break except I started on that ginormous house in the center which felt like it took forever, and I only did the outline!

20 hours

Stupid house
Butterfly kit should arrive TODAY!!!! If it doesn't I'm hiring a donkey and going to Tennessee to get it myself.  I also got myself a new sewing machine for Mother's Day so expect some really special looking pieces to be showcased here over the coming weeks.  And by 'special' I mean 'I can't really sew'.

Edited to UPDATE!!! Butterfly Kit arrived!! Stitching commenced almost immediately

2 hours!



  1. Oh Nikki! I feel your pain! I, too, have a tenaciously spiteful child, one who was potty-trained for several weeks about a year ago, before abruptly refusing. "I just won't!" he declares, and when I threw down the gauntlet, he simply held it, as in didn't do ANYTHING, for two entire days and nights. Just what a need, on top of diapers, is a UTI or an impacted bowel. So we're back in diapers... *sighing in defeat, picks up gauntlet*

    Yes, I feel like a crappy mother (pun intended).

    And, on top of that, I have no sewing machine. And I couldn't sew even if I did have one. So I'm fairly certain you're still ahead of me. We both need some Baileys tipped into our coffee, yes?

    Oh, and the stitching is GORGEOUS!

    1. Dare I risk it and say that mayhaps my venting on here has caused the gods to listen? She's been a potty rockstar since yesterday. Today has been even better. I don't want to jinx myself, but we may be on the right track.

      But if not, have the booze on standby.