Monday, May 21, 2012

Because I'm Not Opposed to Whoring Out Our Blog for a Good Cause

Here's a story about how bad things happen to good people. A man and his wife (who is also a nurse for the county department of health) co-own a construction company prior to the economic downturn. I think you know how that ended.
Fast forward a few years and now the man needs a liver transplant. The good news is that they got the call this weekend. The bad news is this. It. Is. Not. Cheap. Never mind the emotional and mental toll this process takes. The procedure is at a hospital a few hours away. She can't work during the recovery period, expected to be at least a month.

This couple are the fabulous mother and stepfather of my awesome friend Gabby.

Some of you know Gabby. Some of you have checked out her super creative craftiness when we've given her blog a shout out.

She is not just my online/co-crafty friend. She is my real life friend. Our daughters are in school together. Our sons wreak havoc together. We escape the stay-at-home-mom realm with girls' night outs. She makes me crafty stuff, "just because." She has watched my children so I could go to eleventy hundred doctor appointments.

Gabby and her family need your help.

Bad things happen to good people. But good people can happen to bad things. 

If you care to, please check out their story and consider giving a donation. It is tax deductible through this website.

Every dollar counts. If you are unable to help financially, prayers, good thoughts, and positive comments on their website guestbook don't cost a thing and are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

- Lauren


  1. I am so sorry they are going through that. The internet is such as awesome place to get the support you need though! Sending good thoughts, etc their way.