Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lost: Mojo

People. Where did my mojo go? Not the Austin Powers kind of mojo. Stitching mojo. I losted it!
I'd been doing an hour or two here or there, but mostly I was finding other things to do. (Not blogging, obviously. I've been absent there for the most part too. I haven't been feeling very funny! Mostly cranky and snarky. I reserve my cranky snarkiness for texts to Nikki. She likes it. And she said I could throw her under the bus and point out her lack of blogginess too. That's what a good sister-in-law is for, dudes.)

In my defense, there has been a bit of mass chaos around here. My daughter had pneumonia for a while. That was fun. (That was written in sarcastic font.) I've been sewing gifts for some dear friends who are moving away. : * (  Ummmmm....I've had some very important literary tasks to finish. I mean, I couldn't leave Carter and Sadie Kane hanging, could I??? What else...OH, there was Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock to watch. Benedict Cumberbatch required my undivided attention. (I did, however, get over an hour of stitching done while watching the Masterpiece presentation called Birdsong. Pewwwwww! That was a stinker. Too bad. I've had a crush on Eddie Redmayne since the Pillars of the Earth mini-series. But I digress.) See? It was most definitely lost.

I will show you what I actually HAVE managed to do.

The diamonds (and by diamonds I mean that partially finished singular diamond) on Paris have been a refreshing change. And you should notice quite a bit of progress from the last picture.

I also got a corner done on MTM. I love those colors! (They are so pretty in real life! Darn you iPhone camera! Not nearly good enough. Don't you think I need an iPhone 4s? I mean, Siri could remind me to stitch, and the camera is better, and....and....RIGHT?)

I'm getting back to stitchy manic spells, slowly but surely.

Also, for those of you following the story from the last blog post about my friend Gabby and her family, here is an update on Troy's current condition. I'm happy to share that while not out of critical status yet, things are progressing! Thanks to all of you who have been supportive in thoughts and kind words, as well as financially.

Mr. Mathlete is watching US vs. Canada soccer tonight. I betcha I get some stitching done this evening!

- Lauren


  1. Shall we plan a photo op for your stichin'?! Lol. Thanks for keeping everyone informed on Troy's progress. You rock!

    The...Late, Young Family

  2. On the plus side, Operation Cupcake was more successful than I anticipated. That has to count for something, right? But maybe it's just summertime. I always have loads of "I will accomplish" projects planned for the summer, and then it just gets too hot, and I want to lie on the sofa in the A/C and not accomplish anything. Can we blame the weather?

  3. Excellent plan! Yes...the weather... :)