Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lost mojo? I founds it!

Hola blogging land. I've been bad, but that happens when you're doing a stitchy blog and haven't been doing a lot of stitching. I mean, this happens to most people in their given hobby/interest I assume. It's how I've always been with stitching. The last time however, I didn't stitch for almost three years (calm down AK, there were extenuating circumstances like finishing my degree and having another kid-concurrently) And it's not like I haven't been stitching, I just haven't been stitching with the same fervor as I typically do. Part of it was that I didn't really have anything I HAD to work on. My part on London was done, same with Butterfly, know what, let's just not talk about that right now. So I really didn't have anything in my face that needed to be done.  I worked here and there on that Sherlock/British biscornu I had started last month and am close to finishing, but other than that...not much to report in the stitching department.


Lauren sent me the best package EVER! I got MTM back! Which was awesome because I haven't seen her since March. But even more awesome was that my favoritest sister in law in the world also sent me pastries from the scrummy French bakery in her town.

So I gots to work again. pretty. I've been rocking that out like it's my job the past few days.

I've also finished a little piece I had made waaaaaaaay back in 2001! I think it was one of the first things I stitched over two!

The Sherlock biscornu is close to being done, I need to get a move on, and realize next time that a 81x81 piece is not going to get done in a couple of weeks. Little patterns from now on for these things!

Butterfly finally got the top hibiscus done and sent on to Lauren.

I also used my new machine and finally made curtains for the Dancing Diva. I've only had the fabric for around two years so I'm pretty proud of myself.

Now...should we discuss Sampler? Sigh. I suppose we should. See...Lauren and I agree, we love Sampler for many many reasons. Simplicity, the color palette, easy to read chart, etc. However, she's boring right now. I don't know why. I don't know if we've flipped some Chatelaine switch in our brains and anything that doesn't require tactical skills and pre planning worthy of a WWII campaign isn't happening right now or what, but we're just not feeling it.  Despite this I have attempted to work on Sampler here and there.  The last we posted I had finished the second peacock. I should have stopped there.  Because everything I did after that...had to be frogged.

I mean, frogging sucks regardless. But to have to frog something you weren't too keen on working on in the first place? That's like doubly offensive.  It's not too much. Maybe an hour and a half of work but still...ARGH!! I was off by three stitches vertically. THREE!! How does that happen?!?!?! One, I get, but three! Clearly my brain was not present. When I discovered the mistake I called Lauren immediately and told her Sampler was getting out of my face for an indefinite amount of time or bad things were going to happen. She understood.  I haven't even technically frogged it yet. I just took it off the snaps, and put it in the bag. And then I said


Let's move on to more pleasant things. Tenacious A has been rocking out with the potty training! FINALLY!!! We're almost there.  So very very close, and I feel secure she won't be ten and in pull ups still.  She also got into pre-school for the fall!! The best thing about this pre-school, IT'S FREE!!! So, come September I'll get three hours, four days a week in an empty house. There are no words.

Miss M, my oldest, is two days away from finishing elementary school. :( How?  How did this happen? I think I'm less prepared for her to start middle school than she is. Every time I say something she just shrugs her shoulders and gives me that 'What's the big deal' look.

The Dancing Diva got to cash in her birthday present from March and go see the Bolshoi Ballet at the Kennedy Center recently.  It was a pretty cool day just the two of us, even if we did get a wee bit turned around a couple of times on the way there and back. Her dance recital is in two weeks so we'll be in full on class/dress rehearsal/'Mommy! I can't find my tights!' mode shortly. We took the tour at the KC before the show and here are a couple of pics.

Opera House ceiling

Giant Waterford chandelier

Dancing Diva on the river terrace

I'll do better with this whole blogging thing. Promise. Being back on the stitching train is sure to help.

Kirk out.



  1. I hope you enjoy MTM as much as I did - it is still my favorite project EVER to date :) Though I am currently putting beads on Victorian Garden parts 2 & 3, and it is pretty sparkle-rific :) Your Sherlock piece is cool! I'm not going to mention the F-word - decided NOT to do that on my current travel piece, I will just "modify" it :)

  2. If I could have made the mess up work on Sampler I would have. Unfortunately it was too big. Sigh. Luckily I have MTM to take my mind off of it. :)