Friday, November 2, 2012

We are the WORST bloggers! (But the best secret keepers...)

OOPS! It's been over two months and no post. We're sure many of you are emotionally damaged as a result, because really, what's possibly more important to you than our blog? Our apologies. BUT!...there was a partially good reason for this.

We had a secret....

It was this!

Awesome Aunt's mom turned 100 (That's not a typo, people.) in September. Nikki and I, as well as my husband (see also: Nikki's brother), flew to Indiana to take part in the celebration. The invitations said no gifts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....hilarious! If you turn 100, you FREAKING GET GIFTS! It's the LAW. So we made her Chatelaine's Workshop 4. (For our stitchy friends, this marks our first Chatelaine completion! Woot!)

We did not post as we went because we also wanted Awesome Aunt to be surprised. Mission accomplished. We had a grand time with fabulous food (not to mention adult beverages....the little people were home with grandparents!!!!) and even fabulous-er people!

I've also resumed my love/hate relationship with London. There is visible progress, so it's more love than hate at this moment.

Butterfly has come very far. I just have to figure out how to print the portion of the pattern with my flower on it, stitch it, and then that goes back to Nikki.

I even busted out Mirabilia's "Holiday Queen" not too long ago, during a hate slump with London.

Hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween and that the Great Pumpkin was good to you. I've been very busy helping my children with their candy supply and guarding against their possible over-sugaring by eating "some" of their haul. 'Cause I'm a good mom like that. Nikki started this process prior to Halloween by eating what she purchased to hand out. She is not only concerned about HER children, but ALL the children of her neighborhood. That's right. We are givers. We CARE.

For all of our Mid-Atlantic/New England readers, we seriously do care and hope you weathered Sandy safely. Best wishes to everyone in those areas.

That's it from me for now. Not sure when we may post next. I told Nikki I'd be posting this and then it was her turn soon. She laughed at me. RUDE.

Happy fall, y'all!